Software for Estate Agents

A Trusted Partner

Software for Estate Agents - A Trusted Partner

RT (Resource Techniques) have been established since 1983, and have been serving the estate agency industry for all of that time.

RT Live is a fairly new product, although we are not a new company or new to the estate agency sector. RT Live was built to replace our desktop software application, as technology became available to allow us to go into the cloud. Our desktop application was a favourite with our clients, the product had been developed over many years with direct input from many users. It was therefore a fairly onerous task to build something new that our clients would love as much, if not more...

I'm delight to say that we did rather more, as with the combined efforts of the amazing team here at RT and some of our fantastic estate agent friends and clients, we've built something very special and is loved by all that have seen it... We are very proud of what we've achieved.

This all inclusive approach is typical of the line we take with our business as a whole. Our clients often use us as their technical department, referring to us for what is often not in any way related to services we offer. We are never the less, always happy to offer unbiased help and advice - Trusted Partner status is a difficult accolade to achieve within any industry, none more than IT, but our consistent, honest and professional approach does happily ensure this status ensues with our clients.

Benefits of using RT and RT Live - A Trusted Partner