Only 13% of Google is organic results

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Only 13% of Google is organic results

It’s hard enough getting to the top of Google without being pushed further down the page with ads, search options and maps but is this really the case?

The cofounder of Tutorspree, Aaron Harris, pointed out on a blog post just how little of Google’s search results page (above the fold) is organic results. Within this blog post he analysed the amount of real estate that was actually given to organic results.

If you didn’t already know, organic search results are the results that show up naturally based on the search term (which are displayed in green above) opposed to the paid advisements (which are in red).

His results showed that only 13% of the screen listed organic search results. 29% of the page was taken up by paid search results, 14% was the navigation bar and 7% was the Google Map with local results (as you can see above).

Being above the fold of the search engine results page is obviously prime location for businesses but Google seems to be making it more difficult for businesses to achieve this without using their paid advertising service.

In another test that Harris performed, he estimated that only 7% of the screen space showed organic results. With mobile devices, he found that many of the results showed 0% organic results until he scrolled down the page.

The design of Google’s search results (above the fold) is definitely tilting towards Google’s own interests and these types of results should give estate agents more of an inclination to achieve high search rankings within Google.  

Luke Stanley