Online Marketing Trends You Need To Get Involved With

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Online Marketing Trends You Need To Get Involved With


Online marketing trends come and go but some really can give your business that extra push to achieve your goals. Here are 5 online marketing trends that are proven to boost your marketing efforts:

1) Content marketing

Content creation is becoming more and more important as time goes on. No longer is it about the quantity of content you produce but the quality. One relevant, well written, in depth and interesting blog post can produce better results than 100 poor quality blog posts.  

2) Mobile friendliness

The world has gone mobile and with it so has the internet. Mobile dominates search and if your audience is finding your website through a mobile device, only to find it isn’t mobile friendly then it isn’t going to do you any favours.

Mobile friendliness is also part of Google’s algorithm now so by avoiding going mobile could also have a negative affect on your SEO.

3) Automation

Due to the increasing number of digital channels and social networks, it is becoming harder (near impossible) for small businesses to keep up with all of them. From this, marketing automation has really taken off, with software enabling you to prepare data months in advance to be distributed in real-time.

This allows businesses to prepare all their posts in advance to save you time and effort.

4) Conversion optimisation

Getting your audience to convert should be one of your primary focuses. Conversion optimisation is the process of maximising the number of website visitors who convert. This can be done by via split testing, where you have two slightly different pages shown to consecutive searchers in order to see where they click and what works best. This type of marketing strategy helps you determine which elements and layouts are working in order to achieve the highest conversion rates.

5) Social media

Over the last few years many businesses have seen the advantages of social media marketing. Your social media campaign has been put in place to raise brand awareness and to generate leads through traffic to your website, likes, shares, etc. To achieve this you have to promote your posts in a way that is entertaining but also relevant to the platform. You can’t just rely on posting links to your content; you need to get more creative.


It’s never too late to get started on any of these marketing trends and you should use them to your advantage to help boost your marketing efforts. 

Luke Stanley