Online Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Online Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

When it comes to online marketing for estate agents, there are many routes you can go down. Not all these strategies will work for you as some are harder than others to successfully do which means mistakes are likely to be made.

Online marketing covers a wide range of advertising opportunities and knowing what to avoid can save you a lot of time and money. Here are 5 common mistakes you should reassess within your online marketing efforts:

1) Not blogging

Every business online should blog on a regular basis. This content will give people a reason to return to your website and engage with you, as well as adding one more indexed page that you will potentially be able to be found for within Google.

The more articles you post, the more you will get back from it. Every time you post, you are telling Google you are updating your website, meaning Google will crawl it more regularly and see it as an active website.

2) Not using a clean email list

Purchased lists aren’t likely to be people who have opted to receive your mailing list, which can get you into trouble as it will lead to high bounce rates and a poor email marketing campaign.

You can make many mistakes with email marketing campaigns but who you send your emails to should be your primary focus to begin with. Building up a decent mailing list is half the battle.

3) Ignoring analytics

Google analytics is a free marketing tool that is extremely useful and shouldn’t be ignored. Google analytics can show a very detailed report on how you are performing.

It can be used to see all the information you need to improve your websites performance, increase traffic and convert more.  

Google analytics gives you so much data but many estate agents choose to ignore it. This may be because you don’t fully understand it or didn’t realise it was available to you, and if this is the case here’s a guide on how to get started on Google Analytics.

4) Not optimising your website properly

Direct your efforts in the right direction. Use Google analytics to discover the relevant data. You need to focus your attention on to what’s working and eliminate the practices that aren’t.

You may need to make changes in order to improve results but online marketing is a constant process and requires ongoing efforts to ensure the best results.

5) Don’t expect overnight results

When it comes to online marketing there aren’t overnight fixes, except for pay-per-click marketing (but this still needs ongoing work to generate good results).

Every other online marketing strategy takes time to get going including SEO and social media. You have to build from the ground up, ensuring you have a strong foundation. Without this you won’t get any long lasting results.

Try to ignore all these marketing agencies that promise you ridiculous timeframes and unbelievable returns.


Online marketing for estate agents can deliver great results, as long as it is executed correctly. By avoiding these mistakes you can save time and money, and direct your efforts in a more positive direction.  

Luke Stanley