Important Metrics You Don’t Monitor

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Important Metrics You Don’t Monitor


Every estate agent will invest in some sort of marketing but unless you are measuring the impact of those marketing efforts you may be wasting your money. And by not knowing how you are performing it means you won’t know how to improve.

Here are 5 important online marketing metrics that you probably aren’t monitoring but should be:

1) Conversions

Many estate agents will only focus on increasing advertising, promotions and even content for their marketing efforts. However it is critical when doing this to keep the conversion metrics in mind. It is the best way to work out if the marketing spend and efforts are worth it. Create goals or targets to ensure it is possible to monitor the conversion metrics of a marketing campaign.

2) Customer activity

Google Analytics lets you see the journeys that your customers are taking when on your website. Many businesses focus too much on things like bounce rates and time on site but unless you break it down and see which pages have the highest bounce rates you won’t be able to solve the problem effectively. Look at how your customers interact with your site and spot where your weak points are. 

3) Retention

How long someone stays on the site or page gives you a great idea of what sort of content your audience is looking for. Find out which pages don’t hold your customers and work on improving them.

4) Social media mentions

It is important to track social media mentions. If you are getting a lot of mentions, it can provide a lot of insight into what you should be focusing your time and money on.

5) Email open rate

Email marketing is still one of the best and most important online marketing strategies for any business.

If you have an email marketing campaign in place you are likely to focus on the size of the emailing list, rather than the people who are actually opening and reading your emails.

If your emails aren’t getting opened at all, then you are wasting your time writing them. Pay close attention to the email open rate and the links clicked. If they are low, try testing different subject lines to maximise your reach and try to improve open rates and clicks. 

Luke Stanley