10 reasons why you need videos

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10 reasons why you need videos

Video marketing can be very beneficial for any type of marketing campaign. With visual content growing, video is no longer just a useful type of content for your website but a necessity in many cases due to more and more people expecting sites to provide video content.

Videos are so popular that they account for 50% of all mobile traffic, with 78% of people watching videos online every week and 55% of people watching videos online every single day.

Experts believe that by 2018, videos will have taken up 79% of consumer internet traffic.

With the popularity of video increasing to rise, especially with mobile audiences, here are 10 reasons why estate agents need to consider video marketing:

1) Websites with videos keep site visitors for 88% longer than websites without video content.

2) 57% of customers rely on product/services videos to help them with their purchasing decisions.

3) Websites which have videos have on average an extra two minutes time spent on site (webpage) compared to sites which don’t.

4) Website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video.

5) 80% of people have watched a video on a website in the last 30 days.

6) 26% of these people looked for more information about the subject of the video once they had watched it.

7) 22% of these people visited the website the video was associated with.  

8) 15% of these people visited the business associated with the video.

9) 12% of these people purchased the specific product/service featured in the video.

10) Estate agents that produce videos can generate 4 times more leads than those without videos.

If you are considering making use of video marketing for your brand, bear in mind that although most videos can be hugely beneficial to your marketing efforts, low quality videos are likely to damage your brands image and reputation so avoid throwing one together quickly.

If you are serious about video marketing make sure you only produce high quality, visually pleasing and informative videos.

It might seem a little daunting at first but there is a lot of technology these days readily available (even suitable for those on a small budget) to create fantastic video content in a matter of hours. 

Luke Stanley