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Unique 'People' based CRM system

Software for Estate Agents - Software for Estate Agents

RT Live is the unique and revolutionary cloud based estate agency software system from Resource Techniques. The RT Live system is a powerful software package uniquely designed with people in mind, this may not sound so revolutionary until you consider that other estate agency software systems focus on the property. In practice, RT Live enables the estate agent to build and develop relationships with people they engage with, as well as providing an ongoing platform to help them extend this relationship from a few weeks to many years...

People/clients aren't simply or exclusively vendors, buyers, tenants, landlords or property developers - during their lifetime they may be all of these things. The key difference and real benefit between RT Live compared to other software for estates is that at its heart is the person. If you think about it, whether on the phone, in the office, in person or by email, everything starts with a person not with a property. Indeed the same person can have interests in more than one property, being an applicant, a buyer, a landlord or tenant and sometimes some or all at the same time. For this reason we have designed and built our estate agency software as a CRM (Client relationship manager) based system for estate agents, focused around 'people'.

The relationships that you start with 'people' today will vary in the amount of time they last. Some of your client relationships will last just a few hours and others will last for many years or even a lifetime! A first time buyer today could be a second or third time seller in years to come, and RT Live will help and enable you to manage the relationship you have with people from that initial call, right through the life cycle of the clients relationship with you. That is why we call RT Live "Software for Life".

A practical example of how RT Live will help to build and develop relationships is by starting from the initial contact where the person's file is created, the powerful CRM system allows for a person to be entered as an applicant in the first instance and then at some point in the future they can become a valuation / vendor / tenant / landlord etc, whilst the person's file is retained as the original just updated. The user simply adds another instance to the persons file, this process can continue throughout the life cycle of the clients relationship with you, allowing for on-going communication with non-active buyers / sellers and can simply be reactivated at any time.

This means you have clients entered on your system only once, with instant access to all previous touch points. Our CRM system would show all of this important information within one 'people' file.

Benefits of using RT Live CRM system