Software for Estate Agents

Integrated sales management/progress system

Software for Estate Agents - Integrated sales management/progress system

The RT Live cloud software system includes a sophisticated sales management and progress system and although it's aimed at the advanced user, this great feature offers intuitive and a user-friendly on-going sales management processes.

This fully integrated management system initially assists the negotiator and helps control the offer process from receiving an initial offer, sending confirmation letters, through each stage of negotiation to the point that the offer is accepted.

Once a sale has been agreed, the sales management system takes over - Sales progression is kept simple with an intuitive and well organised sales Proforma, allowing sales information to be simpy added and updated as sales information becomes available. Ongoing progression is made easy with each key stage being prompted where action is required. At each of these key stages comments are made and the users name, date and time are stamped on each entry ensuring consistency and continuity. This feature of the RT Live software system ensures that all offers & sales are recorded, managed and processed correctly from the initial offer right through to completion - this includes the management of offers and sales, sales progression, and all associated letters.

Being an integrated system, when an offer is recorded or a sale is updated both the property and 'people' files are updated automatically, so nothing is missed.

The sales management/progress system can be accessed at any time, by any member of staff, from anywhere and on any device.

Benefits of using RT Live - Integrated sales management/progress system