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Software for Estate Agents - Future Proof software

RT Live is one of the newest and most advanced cloud software systems available to estate agents. Having spent 3 years developing RT Live you might think that we are taking a well earned break and relaxing on a beach. Oh if only!!!

We are 100% committed to offering the very best and most up to date software systems to our estate agency clients. We are clearly focused on offering the best user experience to our clients, as well as the best experience possible to the end user, your client. We believe our product is second to none and continue to invest heavily in remaining ahead of our competition in terms of technology, to this end we have a team of top in-house developers continually developing, refining and improving our RT Live software system. This ethos has a direct benefit to our customers as we offer regular updates that are included within our licence fee! And at no additional cost - Future Proof Software.

This approach to technology is demonstrated by the long term relationships we have with our clients. Many of our clients have been using us for their technology since we established Resource Techniques over 30 years ago. RT Live is a product that can grow and develop with your business in to the future, whilst keeping all of your data safe.

Benefits of RTLive - Future proof software