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Email output in HTML graphic format

Software for Estate Agents - Email output in HTML graphic format

We have moved away from the 'traditional' method of sending applicants an email with attached lists or sets of property details. Aside from them looking outdated, this method is not great when users are wary of opening email attachments. Also, large attachments often suffer the fate of spam filters, not even getting through the users firewall. RT Live has an integrated & state of the art HTML mailer system which enables estate agents to email property details direct to their applicants as professional, graphically based HTML mailers.

The HTML mailer is designed with the agents logo at the top, and consists of a message from the agent, followed by photos, prices and a 'teaser' description of the properties. When an applicant clicks on one of the properties contained in the HTML mailer, they are directed to the property on the agents own website! A static set of property particulars cannot compete with the experience that your user will get if you link them back to available properties on your website. Think about the assets that are available for each property on your website - enhanced mapping, Streetview, EPC, high resolution images, floorplans, full sale particulars and in some case virtual tours or even videos.

Email output in HTML graphic format
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