Software for Estate Agents

Dynamic property and applicant sharing

Software for Estate Agents - Dynamic property and applicant sharing

Resource Techniques have been building Estate Agency software systems for over 20 years and unlike most, our systems have been architected and built with large, infinitely scalable methodology and data sharing at its core.

Many of our clients have large multiple office networks, in some cases extending to many hundreds of offices. A pre-requisite of these larger networks is full accessibility of data across their networks, sharing both property and client/applicant data in real time.

This doesn't mean that our systems are not suitable for small to medium sized companies, far from it. What it means is that our systems are built with large volumes of data, lightening fast accessibility and secure data systems required by larger organisations. All of our clients benefit from fast, safe, scalable, bullet proof estate agency software systems with a guaranteed up time.

For larger office networks that require dynamic, real time applicant and property sharing. RT Live has this covered, there is no need for applicants to be registered in more than one office. All offices can match suitable applicants to property, or suitable properties to an applicant, regardless of which office registered the applicant, or listed the property.

The very latest incarnation of estate agency software from the Resource Techniques stable is our cloud based 'RTLive' software - With the concept of data sharing at its core, RT Live is a revolutionary, browser based estate agency system, architected in such a way that allows estate agents to share data seamlessly between just a couple of users to many thousands across the globe.

Benefits of using RT Live - Dynamic Property and applicant sharing