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Software for Estate Agents - Dynamic diary

As a cloud based software system, the diary within RT Live offers huge benefits for estate agents over conventional office based diary systems. Perhaps the key benefit is that it's accessible from anywhere (with internet access) and on any device (PC, tablet or smartphone), this means you can access, add and amend appointment information on the move.

The RT Live diary is one of the features that users of the system love the most.

The diary has simple wizards that assist you when making appointments; this saves both time and effort. For example, to book an appointment you simply click on the appropriate time in the diary and choose what type of appointment you wish to book (viewing, valuation, instruction, or just a general appointment). You then choose a property & a person (if relevant) and all of the information required for the appointment is pulled into the diary.

Our dynamic diary also features a built in reminder system; the reminder system is designed to remind you, your viewers and perhaps even your vendor by email and or SMS text message at whatever period of time you chose before an appointment! This has proven to have a hugely positive effect for viewing no shows.

Benefits of using RT Live - Dynamic diary