YouTube tips for Estate Agents

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YouTube tips for Estate Agents

YouTube, founded 5 years ago, is a worldwide internet sensation and is an incredibly powerful tool for any Estate Agent. Not only is it the second largest search engine in the world but it gives your Estate Agent website huge SEO benefits.

Almost everyone has used YouTube at one point or another, meaning that any Estate Agent that isn't using YouTube to its full potential will be missing out on a chance to profile their business or the surrounding areas to everyone in the UK.

Promote your videos on your website

This extra bit of traffic will not only establish a clear link between your Estate Agent website and your YouTube profile, but it will also allow agents to befriend and communicate with online property searchers. Any professional Estate Agent website designer will be able to cater for your YouTube needs.

Try to talk

Never forget that YouTube is also a social network. People have their own profiles, playlists, favourites as well as having the ability to message, comment and share any video they like. Social networking is, by its very nature, social!

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

Completely free, the YouTube insight is similar to Google Analytics and will give Estate Agents vital background information on how many people are viewing your videos, the date and time they watched them, where they watched them and how they came across your video.

Subtitles and captions

Subtitles are a must have for Estate Agents - they allow property searchers without speakers, the hearing impaired or people in quiet areas such as libraries. Remember to re-watch your videos so that any auto-caption errors can be corrected.

Tag your videos

Tagging is an important feature on YouTube, it will allow the video to be categorised and found within YouTube's own search engine.

Background image

Background images will add a little spice to your YouTube profile and is a great chance to show off your brand. By purely adding a little excitement and colour to your page, it will increase the probability that potential customers will click onto your website.


Lastly it is important to update! Just like any social network many Estate Agents and other businesses have created a profile only just to let it gather virtual dust. Set yourself a target of creating a short video around in a particular time period and stick to it.