YouTube gets an upgrade!

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YouTube gets an upgrade!

YouTube is an internet phenomenon. People upload a range of videos from hilarious accidents, clips of their favourite pet, how-to guides to video blogging. In fact it is so popular that every minute, 20 hours of video are uploaded which means that even if you dedicate your entire life to watching as many YouTube videos as possible, you won't even scratch the surface.

Since December of last year, YouTube lets users start uploading and watching their videos in 720p or 'High Definition'. Users with HD screens only have to look out for the small red 'HD' button between the volume button and the full screen option and with HD monitor prices lower than ever, HD is becoming increasingly popular.

Now YouTube has increased its capacity to hold 'true' HD videos. This means that instead of the 720p format, YouTube can now hold 1080p. For those that do not know the difference between 720p and 1080p, it means that instead of 720 vertical lines on the video, there are 1080 lines meaning that the quality of the picture has increased.

YouTube have also announced that they will automatically upgrade videos that have been already uploaded in the 1080p format. Perfect for users who regularly upload HD video to YouTube!

Many estate agents are now gasping a hold of video and using it as a fantastic way to market properties on their website. Integrating it into their website design, embedded videos enable estate agents to add a personal feel to each and every property.

Robert Oulsnam and Company is an estate agent in Birmingham that has just started using video on their website. Designed to inform, the two videos cover the profile of the estate agent and testimonials of their customers. This gives an extra dimension to the company and shows loyal and potential customers that they are an estate agent that is committed to keeping up with technological advances.

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