Your own iPhone Assistant: introducing Siri

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Your own iPhone Assistant: introducing Siri


With the release of the iPhone 4S last Friday, Resource Techniques have had a chance to play around with its brilliant new feature ‘Siri’ and it’s surprisingly a lot better than we expected.

Siri is the iPhone 4S assistant which lets you practically control everything with your voice. It can write and send texts, check the weather, find out any information you require and so much more.

How it works:

Holding down the home button will activate Siri, from there you just ask Siri any question you want. Siri will then respond to you with the information you have requested or if it needs more information Siri will respond to you with additional questions until it can provide the information or carry out your request.

Now I know what you are thinking, it can’t be accurate... we thought it too but it is amazingly accurate and fast.

What can you ask it?

You can ask Siri just about anything, if you want to know what the weather is like, taxi numbers in your area or mathematical sums Siri can answer that for you. 

Siri uses many sources including Wikipedia which provides it with a huge amount of information.  


Siri will read your text messages to you, which is great for when you are driving. You can also respond to texts by voice, Siri will write out anything you tell it too.

This means you can now have text-based conversations without ever touching or even looking at your screen.

Siri can manage your diary

Siri knows what’s in your address book and calendar, so if you need to make an appointment or add a new contact just ask Siri. All you need to do is tell Siri what you want to do and when, if you need a reminder and Siri will add it into your diary for you. 

Siri will write out anything you say

If you are bored of typing or your hands are filled, Siri will type out anything you say (very accurately). You can then insert the text into emails, text messages, notes or even into Google.

Watch this video – Introducing the Siri on iPhone 4S

Siri is a brilliant new feature for the iPhone 4S, not only is it a lot of fun but also incredibly useful.

The iPhone 4S have sold over 4 million units in its first weekend making it Apple’s fastest selling iPhone yet.

 By Troy Stanley
Technical Director