Your 30 day Facebook challenge

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Your 30 day Facebook challenge

More often than not we see failed Facebook accounts. Facebook pages created by Estate Agents with good intentions to promote and connect to their audience through the social network only to give up on it and leave it to die from lack of attention.

The most common problem we see with Estate Agency Facebook Business pages is lack of consistency with content and posts. Many Estate Agents will post 2 or 3 posts on one day then leave it for several weeks before posting again...

Obviously if you use Facebook like this you won’t see any gains or benefits.

Your content strategy is the most important thing to your social media campaigns, if you aren’t consistently posting your accounts will be forgotten by your followers.

To combat this common problem here is your challenge to jump start your Facebook business page back to life:

1. Log onto your Facebook business page and take note of how many likes, comments and shares you have.

2. Make a commitment to post at least one piece of content to your business page daily for the next 30 days. These posts could be of an article you have read or written, a photo of your area or simply some interesting information about your local community. Be sure to post at prime times - early mornings, lunch times or mid-afternoon.

3. Respond to any comments you may get as soon as possible.

4. At the end of 30 days re-evaluate your likes, comments and share.

This way you will be able to see how much more interaction and visibility your business can get from Facebook.  By doing this you can jump start your social presence and gain a following but the key to your success is consistency.

You can even prepare in advance with Facebook Scheduling, allowing you to set up posts days in advance. This way you have no excuse to miss a day.

Let us know how you get on, you may be pleasantly surprised!