Yahoo search goes out with a Bing

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Yahoo search goes out with a Bing


Back in February we wrote an article explaining that Yahoo and Bing search deal has been given the go ahead - means that Bing will take over the organic search results on the Yahoo website.

This would give Yahoo room to concentrate on other areas of their website such as mail, news, answers, money, games and much more.

Now Bing has announced that the move is official.

Bing stated on their blog post:

“This is a great milestone for Bing and Yahoo! and our customers, and we are happy to report the transition has gone smoothly and we feel great about the progress our search alliance has been making over the summer.”

Currently this is only for the U.S and Canada. There has been no indication when the Yahoo!’s search will be fully taken over by Bing in the UK.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments, ‘The search engine market hasn’t changed that much since February. Google still dominate with an unchanged 92% market share and this Bing-Yahoo merger will mean that Bing only have a 6% market share.’