Wrist watches are making a comeback

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Wrist watches are making a comeback

Many of the younger generation simply do not see the need for wrist watches like their older counterparts, and why would they? Mobile phones may not be on the same playing field when it comes to battery life but when it comes to accuracy, mobile phones cannot be beaten. (Not to mention that people would prefer a smart phone over a wrist watch!)

Ok, that may not change your mind but what if your mobile phone could do more, much more.

The Fossil MetaWatch is the watch that is unlike any other that you’ve ever seen before. It uses Bluetooth to connect to your smart phone, so that when you receive a text message, you can simply glance at your watch to see a push notification instead of getting out your phone for all thieving eyes to see. (Disclaimer: Not everyone is a thief, but using a smart phone in public certainly does make me more wary).

Not only that but the Fossil MetaWatch comes with an accelerometer, light sensor and whereas previous ‘smart watches’ only lasted a day, this watch will last a whole week on a single charge. Let’s hope that the battery life doesn’t degrade like the way smart phone batteries degrade.

Estate Agents want to learn more? You can watch the Fossil MetaWatch demo on YouTube or visit the official website.

Sources claim that the smart watch will go for around $200 - a fraction of what many are prepared to spend on wrist watches