Would you buy an iPhone Mini?

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Would you buy an iPhone Mini?

Many mobile analysts believe Apple now plan to release a cheap compact iPhone Mini later this year.

Very little is known at the moment, but it is believed the miniature iPhone would go on the market for £125 to £150 and the production is likely to begin at some point in 2013.

This rumour has been going on for a while now, since the original mobile was released in fact but what makes it more believable now is the pattern Apple are working in. As Apple tend to release products in two versions.

MacBook Pro/MacBook Air, iMac/Mac mini, iPad/iPad mini – all of these products have a miniature version.

But why does Apple need a cheap iPhone?

Apple has nothing to offer customers in terms of low cost Smartphones. This is compared to the wide range of phones running Android, with a range of prices satisfying all types of customers. Apple will hope to take a chunk out of Androids market share for low cost devices.

What to expect from the iPhone mini?

It is likely to resemble the iPad mini; it won’t be regarded as a budget model but a high-quality device for those who prefer their Smartphones compact.

Increasing the size of the screen for the iPhone 5 could have been the first step Apple took in order to prepare for the release the iPhone mini as this allows Apple to now make a device with a 3.5 inch screen.

The iPhone mini price will be more expensive compared to the cheaper androids but will be significantly cheaper than the iPhone 5.