Would you buy an ‘affordable’ Macbook Air?

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Would you buy an ‘affordable’ Macbook Air?

Have you ever wanted to be a part of the Apple revolution but are unable to afford the massive price tags of the Apple products such as the iMac starting at around £1400 and the MacBook Pro from £1000? Well your prayers may have been answered.

Apple is now considering releasing a cheaper version of the MacBook Air to help them get into the ultrabrooks market that is becoming increasingly popular due to their affordability.

According to reports, Apple may release a version of the MacBook Air later in the year for around £500 to compete with Intel-powered ultrabooks which is set to go on sale for around £440.

The MacBook Air range currently starts at £849, quite a steep price tag for most, although many would value the devices portability and sleek look.

We aren’t sure if Apple may damage its brand image releasing a more affordable device but hopefully Apple fans will welcome the portable laptop.  We will keep you posted on the rumours of this affordable MacBook Air...

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