Win a Samsung tablet on this Easter egg hunt!

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Win a Samsung tablet on this Easter egg hunt!

We came across this fun Easter promotion being run by Tesco last week. It is an Easter egg hunt called FindTheEggs and players use Google Street View to search for virtual eggs hidden in towns and cities across the country.

Players first visit the microsite where they enter either a postcode or use their smartphones GPS to start the search. Finding just three eggs wins you a chocolate bunny, which is claimed via a digital coupon. This can be either taken into your local store or used online if you do your shopping from the PC.

In addition to Chocolate Bunnies, there are a number of extra special prizes to be claimed. If you are lucky enough to come across a Golden Egg you win a Samsung Galaxy Tab2.

After winning a prize you also get the opportunity to hide more eggs in an area of your choice for friends and family to find. The campaign was launched on Sunday with a 30 second TV ad.

When we last looked on Friday night, there were still 151,007 prizes to be won. How many of those prizes are Samsung Galaxy Tab2’s, we don’t know however.


Philip Burrows, Marketing Consultant