Will Google Drive kill Dropbox?

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Will Google Drive kill Dropbox?

Google Drive is likely to be unveiled early next week. The cloud storage system will be taking on Dropbox, Apples iCloud and Microsofts SkyDrive but who will come out on top?

Early rumours suggested that Google Drive would only be offering 1GB of free storage compared to 2GB that Dropbox offers and 5GB the iCloud allows but recent reports have suggested Google Drive will roll out as a free application for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS giving users 5GB free storage.

Other reports leaked have suggested that we might be able to edit our documents within the Google Drive smartphone apps and auto-sync the content through to desktop folders on Windows PCs and Macs.  

My thoughts now are how Dropbox are going to adapt to this new hostile environment. With Google Drive offering more than double the storage space Dropbox offers will their loyal fans really stick with them?

Is this the end of Dropbox? We hope not but Google Drive does look like it will be hard to compete with.