Why your Estate Agency website may be optimised but not getting its deserved traffic

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Why your Estate Agency website may be optimised but not getting its deserved traffic

Your website has been up for a while and you’re starting to see your desired keywords showing up on Google. Your Estate agency website has all the on-site optimisation done, all your content is unique and informative and you’ve had a go at social networking.

Now you are starting to think about traffic... you are performing within search engines, you have an online presence but why hasn’t your website seen an increase in visitors that you were expecting?

Lacking in a traffic increase, even after the website has been fully optimised on-site can be because of a number of reasons:

Aiming for the wrong keywords –

You may be thinking the keywords you have chosen are right for your website but this doesn’t mean it’s what the users are going to be searching for. Your idea of what customers will be searching for and what they are actually searching for can a lot of the time be completely different.

For example, with websites for Estate Agents, you may think users will search for “Properties for sale in London” but most people have turned to more local search so they may be more likely to search for “Estate Agents in Notting Hill” a much more specific area within London.

This is why websites for Estate Agents are better off trying to target a more long tail key phrase which will deliver a more targeted user to the website.

The website is coming across a little too spammy –

With Search Engine Optimisation is it easy to overdo it. Estate agents who try to do all the content themselves can easily fall into the trap of keyword stuffing and duplicate content. Visitors don’t want to waste their time on a website when the content has been copied from Wikipedia or the article is the exact same article they read from Estate Agents Today... they also don’t want to read content that has a keyword every other word.

Doing this will detour users clicking on your website and they will go elsewhere for unique content.

Content should always be written for people, not just for search engines or to fill up pages.

High competition and little space –

With Search Engines becoming more and more advanced, cramming in all the new gadgets and gismos, there will be less room in the result page.

With search being made so specific you now have pay per click, local search results, images, real-time search results and news on the results page. Now I’m not saying that this is a bad thing but it is taking up a lot of space within the results page making websites be pushed further and further down the page.

This can mean that what once was a good position is now below the fold, out of the user’s immediate view.

This means Estate Agents aren’t just competing against other estate agency websites and property portals but also the components within the search engine itself.

So these are a few of the reasons your fully optimised estate agency website isn’t producing the amount of traffic you were expecting. Though site owners should allow a few months before doing any dramatic changes as growth does take time and they should have realistic expectations for traffic.

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