Why you need to know about your competition for SEO success!

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Why you need to know about your competition for SEO success!

For Estate Agents a huge part of running a successful business is to know your competition. Many business owners don’t really focus on this aspect of business enough as they don’t see the value but knowing the competition and being aware of what they are doing and how well they are doing can help to guide your business in the right direction and help you out perform your rivals.   

This may seem a bit obvious to know who your competitors are but many estate agents don’t research this in enough depth. If you are going to be competing within the market, you first need to have full knowledge of the local market and your rivals.

This isn’t just about how they run their business. You also have to consider how they are running their website. Why are they out performing you on Search Engine Optimisation? What keywords are they targeting? What SEO strategies are they taking? You have to be aware of the way other businesses can affect yours and you will then understand why it is necessary to monitor your competitors as much as possible.

A large number of Estate Agents are now involved in Search Engine Optimisation too and will be running SEO campaigns and will most likely be monitoring your businesses behaviour, developments and performance and will be using all this information to help them beat you, making it crucial to keep an eye on your competitor’s performance.

Seeing what your competition is doing and how they are performing will give you an idea of how to improve your business. If they are out ranking you on Google, then more time needs to be spent on your SEO, if they have a stronger presence with the social networking community then maybe you should update your Facebook and Twitter, make your profiles more appealing and fun then your competitors and you will soon see improves in ranking.

Your business and online campaigns are obviously very important in SEO but you must not forget about who is around you and who is trying to knock you of that top spot.

By Luke Stanley
SEO Consultant