Why SEO is your key to more Estate Agent website traffic

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Why SEO is your key to more Estate Agent website trafficWebsites for Estate agents are becoming a must have in the industry. For all estate agents the reason for getting a website in the first place is to bring in more potential clients and generate sells from it.

Your main objectives with a website should be to bring in as much traffic as possible and give the users a friendly easy experience of searching through properties. This will in turn generate sells and respect.

If your website is performing badly, bringing in few or no visitors makes your website completely pointless to both you and users looking for estate agents. The main cause of this is the website not being found by users on Search Engines, usually only due to them ranking badly on Google.

One of the best ways to increase the volume of your websites traffic is to get a better ranking on Google Results page.

Nearly 80% of the total traffic on the web comes from Search Engines, making SEO an essential part of reaching your goals. Getting ranked in the top 10 of Google should be your main objective due to the fact that over 90% of users don’t go past page one of Google.

Websites on page one of Google generally receive a much greater volume of traffic compared to websites that have poorer rankings.

But how to get into that desired position. It is easy to say you want to be on page one of Google but in reality it is a very complex process and can be very hard to achieve. As you can guess everyone wants to be on page one of Google, competition can be stiff with everyone fighting for the top spot.

This is where tactical Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in. Search Engine Optimisation is the process of popularising a website to increase the visibility of the site to the search engines and in the process to the search engine users.

Doing SEO properly requires knowledge of how Search Engines Algorithms work and how to produce websites that are Search Engine friendly. As well as monitoring and managing the website as Search Engines Algorithms changes all the time. In fact Google stated that their Algorithm changes at least once a day.

Regularly changing relevant content, link building and keyword strategies are only some of the crucial aspects of Search Engine Optimisation and without constant management and updating your website will suffer.

By Luke Stanley

SEO Consultant