Why Responsive Design Increase Sales

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Why Responsive Design Increase Sales

Responsive web design is the future of web design as it enables users to view a website from any device without having to sacrifice any of the user experience.

It will simply help to increase the overall user experience by providing the best visibility, navigation, interaction and much much more.

So let’s have a look at why responsive web design will help increase your websites user interaction as well as sales:

1. Consistency

Responsive web design maintains the same style and layout on all devices. Whatever device you are viewing a responsive website on, it will deliver the same look and feel.

2. Expands reach

Mobile dominates search and the numbers are only going up. Mobile devices can be accessed from anywhere at any time which means having a website that adapts to its users’ needs is vital. Not only will it help you reach more people, it will also give greater user involvement which in turn will boost conversions.

3. User focused

User experience is crucial for any website, but devices don’t always provide the same user interface.

Mobile users are more direct and will want to find exactly what they are looking for without distractions, whereas desktop users will be more willing to randomly browse. Responsive web design will help you to be more focused on user intent, improving the user experience on all devices.

4. SEO-friendly

Google prefers responsive websites over all others as they know they produce the best user experience. Because of this, Google altered their algorithm to favour mobile-friendly websites which means you are likely to appear higher in the search results, drawing in more people and boosting sales.

5. More conversions

Responsive design removes most of the barriers that multiple websites can present such as functionality issues, user experience and consistency in look and feel. Having one clean website will create better customer satisfaction which helps to build trust and revenue. A responsive website makes it easier for users to search your website without any distractions or errors getting them to the end goal quicker.

This is why, on average, 62% of companies saw an increase in sales after switching to responsive web design. 

Luke Stanley