Why isn’t SEO working for you?

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Why isn’t SEO working for you?

Do you feel like your SEO campaign is underachieving? Many website owners are facing this problem with SEO campaigns that just aren’t deliver results.

Here are several reasons why your SEO campaign isn’t showing the results you are looking for:

  1. You’re aiming for the wrong thing

    To get your estate agency website ranking well for highly competitive keywords take a lot of time and effort. If your website isn’t established you can expect it to rank on page 1 for “Estate Agents in London”.

    You need to aim for more targeted key phrases. These are crucial at the start. To do this you really should have pages dedicated to different keywords with low levels of competition throughout your website.

    With high ranking low competition key phrases it will help your website in the long run to optimise for the more challenging keywords belonging to the same topic as well.

  2. Optimising for the wrong keywords

    This is a very common mistake for websites and sort of goes with reason 1. Choosing the wrong keywords will simply cost you time and money.

    Choosing of the wrong keywords is usually due to the lack of research. As Benjamin Franklin said “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”.

    The keyword that will work best for your website isn’t the one with the biggest search volume or traffic. It’s also not necessarily the most obvious keywords that will work for you.

    The keyword that you should be looking for is the one that will deliver targeted visitors who are looking exactly for your product. Being vague with keywords usually lead to high bounce rates.

    You may be optimising for a keyword which drives you a lot of traffic but if no one is buying then the keyword is useless.

  3. Focusing on the wrong techniques

    Becoming obsessed with the latest trend is very easy to do. Some SEO’s swear by keyword density others by social networking but unless you get a balance between all the SEO strategies you will struggle to see results.

    Like most things unless you get the basics right your website wont work. All Estate Agent websites should have optimised web pages with good original content and good backlinks.
  4. You are not taking it seriously

    What most Estate Agents don’t understand is that Search Engine Optimisation isn’t a one off thing. It takes time, effort and in some cases patience to allow things to happen.

    SEO is an investment into your business and should be treated like it.

    If you just submit your website to the search engines your website will fail. You need to invest time and effort into optimising your entire website.

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