Why is Responsive vital for your customer service?

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Why is Responsive vital for your customer service?

Responsive web design for estate agents is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Responsive websites are designed to stay constant across all devices and provide the best user experience possible. Whether you are looking to build a new estate agency website or revamp an existing one, here are 8 reasons why you should go responsive to improve your user experience:

1) Responsive Web Design maximises the user experience

The overall user experience is improved through responsive web design. It will help you to retain your audience and deliver a positive experience which will expand your reach.

2) Responsive Web Design promotes consistency

A responsive website will help you maintain a consistent look and feel throughout your website. No matter what type of device your audience is viewing you from your content, style, branding and imagery will remain familiar.  

3) Responsive Web Design promotes greater sales conversions

Through consistency and familiarity, responsive websites makes it easier for your audience to convert sales.

4) Responsive Web Design improves SEO

A responsive website is a single website that Google can crawl easily. Responsive means you won’t have any problems with duplicate URLs/content, etc and it is favoured by Google.

5) Responsive Web Design reduces confusion

As a responsive website is consistent across all devices it means your audience aren’t spending time searching for information they want to find when they are viewing the website from a different device as the layout and navigation will be the same.

6) Responsive Web Design increases mobile users

Mobile search has surpassed desktop, meaning having a mobile-friendly website is vital. A responsive website will appear with a ‘Mobile Friendly’ label on Google which will make it a lot more clickable.

7) Responsive Web Design will reduce your bounce rate

A bounce rate is the number of people who land on your website and exit it without visiting another page. A high bounce rate is common among non-mobile friendly websites as users find it hard to use them from a mobile device so back up. Responsive websites will give users an appealing, easy to use website on every single device.  

8) Responsive Web Design makes it easier to analyse results

To ensure the success of your website you will need to analyse your websites performance. A responsive website will allow you to track a single set of reports instead of multiple analytics based on the different websites you have to maintain for different devices, saving you time and effort.  

Luke Stanley