Why Facebook needs to be part of your SEO Campaign

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Why Facebook needs to be part of your SEO Campaign

Around a year ago, both Search Engine giants Google and Bing announced that they now factor social signals from business accounts into their organic algorithms.

Over the year social media has been gaining more and more importance for SEO, and will continue doing so. As Google described it, social media is about relationships and relationships prove relevance and relevance is at the core of organic search.

Facebook across the world now has 800 million active users. In the UK alone there are over 26 million active users and 50% of those users log into Facebook daily.

Many of these users are likely to try and engage with your brand through Facebook, rather than going directly to your website or searching through Google, making it vital these days to have a Facebook page for your business.

Here are 10 SEO reasons why your Estate Agency business needs to include a Facebook presence into its online campaign:

1. Google and Bing now crawl and index Facebook business pages as they are publicly available. This means Facebook business pages will be included in the search engine results pages.

2. Last month Google announced that they crawl and index Facebook comments. So be sure to encourage feedback on your Facebook page.

3. More and more people are starting their searches with the Facebooks search function. Check to see if you can be found easily on Facebook.

4. Web presence optimisation now plays its part in SEO, making Facebook a must for any web presence.

5. Your target audience is hanging out there every day.

6. The ‘Like’ button on Facebook is the new ‘Backlink’. People ‘liking’ you will help you raise up the Google rankings.

7. The person ‘liking’ you on Facebook is a potential new lead or contact.

8. Your Facebook presence adds quality backlinks to your website.

9. Facebook is easily accessible on Mobile devices giving your clients easy access to your content and brand when they are on the move.

10. Your competition is most likely using Facebook.

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