Why do commercial agents need LinkedIn?

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Why do commercial agents need LinkedIn?


Last week we looked at the best social media platforms for chartered surveyors and commercial agents. We decided that from all the options available to you LinkedIn was a must. Furthermore based on research carried out earlier in the year, LinkedIn delivered by far the largest amount of leads.

Yet despite an increasing number of Commercial Agents talking to me about LinkedIn, there are still those of you that don’t see the value of a company page as well as a personal one.

Why Are You Using LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn page is used for everything from updating you audience on, news, company activity to advertising and recruiting for new roles and sharing knowledge. It is a platform that enables you to establish authority in your chosen commercial property sector.

LinkedIn Highlights Your Difference

Wherever you operate in the country, there are probably at least 10-15 other commercial agents that offer the same services and knowledge as you. You all offer an intangible service that the client cannot hold, sample or experience. Simply, the client only knows how good the service is after they have taken the plunge and engaged your services.

Many commercial agents will say ‘it’s our people that make us different’, yet commercial agents websites and company literature are frequently generic in their communication and rarely convey personality in their tone. LinkedIn can humanise a commercial practice, giving the client an insight into the thinking and personality of the people within.

What Can LinkedIn do?

As a purely professional network, LinkedIn can:

  • Bring you commercial practice to life
  • Enable you to build credibility over time
  • Empower employees to become company ambassadors
  • Create clients advocates for your company
  • Provide a trusted platform for testimonials and recommendations
  • Improve the quality of your recruitment
  • Promote your services
  • Help you measure your engagement

Most of all, it can create and foster strong two-way communication with your wider market that will benefit you company in so many ways.

A Different Style Of Communication

LinkedIn, in fact any social media platform, is about engagement and on-going dialogue. To successfully create and build an audience chartered surveyors and commercial agents need to be aware of the fundamental differences between Social Media channels and conventional marketing channels.

Where conventional channel are about broadcasting messages, social media is about two-way dialogue and delivering content that your audience will find beneficial.

Philip Burrows, Marketing Consultant