Why articles are perfect for Estate Agent SEO

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Why articles are perfect for Estate Agent SEO

Resource Techniques - SEO NewsEstate Agents websites have lots of ways in which they can improve their ranking on Search Engines and drive traffic through your website. One of the most important ways in which you can improve your ranking on Google is by adding new relevant content to your website.

Writing news articles is obviously the best and easiest way to add new content to your website and doesn’t actually take that long to produce and is pretty cost effective.

Here are four key reasons why writing articles are great for Search Engine Optimisation.

1. Words allow you to use keywords and phrases that apply to your website/business. Your keywords should relate to your business and should be the words you think potential customers would use to find your website on Google. The key phrases will be picked up by the Search Engines and if you use them enough throughout your articles in the correct way, you will increase your chances of being ranked well within Google.

2. Timeless articles bring long term results to your website. All the articles you write are saved and archived into your websites directory. They can then be read by anybody as long as the website is live. And because of this it could still drive traffic to your website.

3. Interesting articles can create many back-links to your website. Back-links are very important to SEO and will increase ranking which in turn drives traffic to the website. If you write good quality articles that people like, it will increase the chances of getting back-links. This will grow one way links to your website and having lots of links pointing to your website carries a lot of weight in terms of Search Engine Optimisation.

4. Knowledgeable articles can be a very affordable Search Engine Optimisation tool as you can write them yourself and its only downfall is how long they can take to write. You don’t have to be a professional writer to write an article for your website. All you need is to know a lot about your profession and what topics in your field of work people will be interested in to read about.

If you don’t like the idea of writing the articles yourself, you can always hire an SEO copywriter.

For Search Engine Optimisation writing and submitting articles is clearly a great strategy for enhancing your ranking on Google.

- Luke Stanley SEO consultant at Resource Techniques