When social and search combine

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When social and search combine


There is no denying that Facebook is huge. Not only does Facebook have a movie, but there are also over 23 million users in the UK alone (which is just under 40% of the population).

Bing on the other hand is a relatively small contender, with a backing from a well-known company called Microsoft. This is similar to having a big tough brother in the digital playground called the internet – he’ll push and he’ll shove, but there’s no guarantee that the little brother will be respected.

All that pushing and shoving has obviously drawn some attention.

In a new partnership, Facebook and Bing will very possibly rule the tuck shop of the playground. This will be a new sweet and sour sweet shop that is going to combine search and social to hand out sweetened search results laced with.

This is all well and good but biggest bully of the entire playground is, and yes you’ve guessed right, Google. Google has a 93% share whilst Bing has a combined share of 5.5% (with Yahoo) UK market share. Not forgetting the US market where Google has around an 70% whilst Bing has a combined share of around 23%.

So there’s certainly room for growth, but the question is whether the service of introducing social into people’s search results could pry loyal users away from Google.