What’s next for Estate Agent websites?

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What’s next for Estate Agent websites?


The Estate Agent website has radically evolved since its birth last century. It has moved from a contact information page, to a website with a simple list of properties to a fully functional website with property search, high resolution image viewer and even an enhanced mapping with local amenities alongside properties.

So what’s next? Are Estate Agent’s websites at the pinnacle of design and functionality or is there more to come? Here are 3 possible predictions:

  • Html 5

Html 5 is the design code used to create your website and is practically a dead certainty. Estate Agents can expect sleeker, shinier and the ability to make websites more interactive. We talked about html previously in web design trends of 2011.

  • Ultra High resolution photos

There’s no doubt that online property searchers love high resolution photos, but what about ultra-high resolution photos?

Try the whopping 70 gigapixel image on 70 Billion pixel Budapest to see what is possible.

This is all good, but would people want this for their homes? Maybe not, but imagine having 70 gigapixels over your town....

  • Augmented Street View

Imagine creating a whole army of virtual sales boards that people can see in real time through the camera on their smart phones.

Not only could the app give people information on the local area and links to, but it would display information and media on the properties in your portfolio.

Estate Agents, do you have any ideas on what the future will bring? Visit our Facebook page and let us know your thoughts!