What you need to keep in mind with Websites for Estate Agents

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What you need to keep in mind with Websites for Estate Agents

What many people forget is that a website is a tool for promoting and advertising your business, it’s not just something you have and can forget about. If you put in the effort you can generate a lot of positive leads that materialise into offline sales.

Obviously your website’s overall goal is to create business for you, so how can you go about ensuring your business is getting the full benefit from its online campaign?

Figure out who you are and who are your audience

Very few people understand the importance of this, Estate Agents simply think their audience is everyone and anyone who wants to buy or sell a house. In reality you can’t provide a service for everyone and you certainly can’t target everyone on the internet.

If you are a single office estate agent you can’t just jump to the top of the pyramid, you have to work at it. Start with targeting people in your office area and try to optimise for terms which include your office area.

Page one on Google can only contain a handful of websites, trying to compete for a position in a big area won’t be easy and will take a long period of time. Try to build your websites reputation up with smaller areas before considering optimising for big cities. 

What is the aim of your website?

Again a lot of Estate Agents don’t think about this, what is the purpose of your website apart from drawing potential customers to your website?

What do you want them to do once they are on your website?

And how are you going to keep your users engaged once they’ve gotten on your website?

Getting your content right

You may think that just having a beautiful website is enough but without the right content users will lose interest or possibly not understand what services you provide.
Try to be:

  • Interesting
  • Informative
  • Users friendly

Don’t complicate things by adding in Estate Agency lingo that members of the public might not understand.

Make sure you can be found

Users don’t just magically turn up on your website. They either will come directly to your website from seeing your website address on one of your signs or business cards. The rest will come through Search Engines like Google - which has a 92% market share in the UK.

Make sure you include your web address on everything you hand out and be sure to consider SEO from the start of the build of your website to guarantee good ranking within Google.

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