What would you give to see no online ads ever again?

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What would you give to see no online ads ever again?

Do you hate online ads with a passion? Well there may be a solution just around the corner.

AdTrap offers a small box that connects to your modem and your wireless router and blocks every kind of ad that can be delivered from the Internet, meaning no more ads on your laptop, PC, tablet or Smartphone.

This may be idea for online users sick of seeing ads on webpages, in music streams, before videos or even on mobile apps. Supposedly AdTrap can block them all.

AdTrap wants to help “make the Internet yours again.”

AdTrap device isn’t available yet but they are already in the working prototype stages. If you are desperate to get your hands on one of these you can pre-order it now by supporting the project on Kickstarter.

If the creators can get enough pledges by December 8th, which is set at $150,000, they will begin shipping the device and they are currently just over the half way point with just over $75,000.

Many people already have enabled ad blockers on their browsers but AdTrap’s really does cover all angles.

The system is said to be “open and very hackable” meaning it will be able to update and block new kinds of advertisements. They have also promised to block user tracking that many internet advertisements engage in.

But the question is would you really fork out £75 for the AdTrap without knowing how well it works?

Obviously there are many people who care deeply enough about their privacy and who hate ads so much to back this product but with the AdTrap currently being a crowd-funded product, the usual concerns will apply. Kickstarter isn’t a shop and pledging money for a project doesn’t guarantee it will deliver all its promises or that it will ever in fact deliver.