What not to include in your personal Facebook profile

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What not to include in your personal Facebook profile

With Facebook being the most popular social networking in the world with over one billion active members logging onto it every month advice about what to include in your Facebook personal and business profile isn’t hard to find.

However something that isn’t mentioned which is important for Estate Agents is what not to include in your personal profile.

First and most importantly is not to include any others words in your name. You see this a lot where a person has set up a company profile under a personal account, where they put their name as “John Smith, Estate Agents” for example.

There are two reasons not to do this:

1. It is against Facebook’s terms of service to have your name on your personal profile be anything other than your name — this includes titles.
2. It is also against Facebook’s terms of service to use a personal profile primarily for business.

If you are trying to promote your Estate Agency through Facebook, be sure to create a business page rather than a personal page.

A business profile will allow you to showcase listings, share articles, post client testimonials as well as anything else relating to your business.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use your personal profile to promote your business. You can still share important information through your personal profile with regards to your estate agency but be sure to direct them towards your Facebook business page or your website.

Don’t however post every single property you are trying to sell. This will just annoy your friends and follows to the point of un-liking your profiles be it business or personal.

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