What is the key to a successful estate agent website?

| Web design

Many estate agents and website designers do not realise that the ultimate goal is to create an enjoyable and user friendly interface for members of the public that are looking for property. To do this you need to understand the process that property searchers go through.

The first place many people will turn to is the internet, more specifically, a search engine. Google currently has around 91% of the search engine market in the UK, so it's fair to say that the majority of internet users start there. Once on Google, they will enter a logical search term that will get them to a website where they can complete their goal of looking for a property to buy or rent.

At this point there are two types of users. The first know exactly the estate agent's name that they want to visit, but not the website address. They type in the estate agent's name and straight away are given the estate agent's website and any associated social networking profiles.

These users are either brand loyal or have an awareness of the estate agent. Therefore we do not need to concentrate our search engine optimisation (SEO) on these users as no other estate agents will have your company name.

The second type of users are people who are searching for property but do not know an exact estate agent to search for. These are the type of users that SEO concentrates on. These users will tend to search for 'property in...' and their local area or 'Estate agents in...' By utilising these keywords for SEO, your website will attract users that would not have normally found your website.

Once on your website they will be looking for one thing. The 'property search' button. The better the website design, the easier the user will be able to find this button and start to search for properties that suit them.

They will browse through each property having a look at the description and related images. Once they have found a desired property, they will then need contact details to get in touch with the estate agent. By keeping this process in mind, a website designer is able to fully cater to each customer. Our user experience is the best in the industry, why not have a look at our portfolio for the best estate agent websites.

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