What is HTML5 and why is it important

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What is HTML5 and why is it important

HTML5 is far from new but it is still extremely relevant and important for web design today. In fact it is the technology that transformed the web to what it is today.

As a website owner, you should understand how it works and why we use it:

What is HTML5?

HTML5 is the latest version of Hypertext Markup Language, which is the code behind the scenes that describes the web pages. 3 kinds of code make up HTML5 - HTML provides the structure/architecture of your website; CSS is for the presentation (layout, colours and fonts) and JavaScript makes things happen.

What does HTML5 do?

In the days before HTML5, basic HTML struggled to deliver even simple webpage layouts. HTML5 is able to deliver amazing graphics, high definition videos, tell websites where you are located and much more.  

Why is HTML5 so important?

HTML5 is one element that will allow you to do almost everything you want online without needing extra software.

Not only that, HTML5 is also free, works across all devices and all modern browsers support it.

HTML5 is responsible for reducing the use of Flash for web design due to HTML5 being faster and Flash not being supported by Apple devices.

But it is important to know that HTML5 is here to stay. 

Luke Stanley