What every Estate Agency website needs to succeed

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What every Estate Agency website needs to succeed

With websites for Estate Agents, you really should see it as the front door to your business. In modern times the majority of people don’t go straight to your front door, many will research it online first. They will then make their decision simply on the look and functionality of the website before they ring or physically go to your Estate Agency.

There’s no denying that potential customers will make a critical judgement on your business just on your website. If it’s not up to their standards these customers just go to one of your competitors.

Things you will be judged on are:

  • Usability
    How easy is your website to use? If it’s too complicated and users can’t find what they are looking for, they will look elsewhere.
  • Appearance
    Is your website up-to-date? Users want to see clear modern websites and not something that looks like it was built in the 90’s.
  • Knowledge of the industry
    Clearly show your knowledge of the industry. Website owners usually show this through a blog filled with their expert and valuable knowledge.
  • Experience
    Are you an established estate agent? Well then make sure you mention this on the homepage. People want to think that they’re in the hands of professionals.
  • Property Search button
    Clearly show a property search button. This is why the majority of users will be on your website. Make it easy for them to get to it.
  • Visibility
    Can you be found on Google? If not how do you expect customers to find you. Find out more about SEO for Estate Agents.

What your website needs:

Easy navigation around your website

For your Estate Agent’s website to be successful your users will need to be able to navigate around it quickly and easily. If you make it complicated the user will simply back up and look elsewhere.

Having navigation on your website isn’t just for the users though, it will allow for Search Engine crawlers to index your webpage’s easily.

Enticing homepage

The majority of your websites traffic will be directly to your homepage, making it crucial for good first impressions.

Apart from looking the part, the information you give has to be clear. E.g. What you do? What you have to offer?

Your homepage is the gateway to the rest of your website, highlight the pages you want users to go to and the information you want them to see.

By reducing the number of decisions a user can make makes it easier for them to be directed where you want them to go.

Clear contact information

Once you’ve got them gripped you need to make it easy for them to get in contact with you. Contact information really should be on every page.

Having a contact form will also make it easier for users to ask questions.

Up to date blog

Blogs are very popular these days. If done correctly they show the user that you know your stuff and are an authority in your industry.

It also drives users back to your website to see if any new interesting articles have gone up.  

History of the business

Every business has a story. How you came about, what you specialise in, what makes you unique, how long you’ve been established? All this allows users to make a positive judgement on your business.  Make it easy for the user to learn more about you, this will gain their trust.

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