What can we learn from Zombie Movies for web design world?

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What can we learn from Zombie Movies for web design world?

Zombie movies have not only become a cult classic, but since the growing popularity in the 1970s they have become an entirely new genre. Due to improvements in CGI, editing and a modern fear of pandemics, the zombie movie has become more mainstream than George Romero could have ever dreamed.

There are 5 fearful situations in zombie films that we are all aware of. Each of these survival situations can relate to wonderful world of web designing for Estate Agents.

  • Stay as a group
    We all know this one. As soon as you have wandered off from the group you will face situations beyond your control. The best chance of survival is to stay together and overcome any problems as a team.
  • Choose you weapon carefully
    Every weapon (or web design tool) has its place and situation where it can be used to maximum efficiency. For example using a handgun may ‘pop’ off a few zombies, but every single shot will attract more and more zombies. In the same way, every web design tool has its own purpose and use and overly using it may give some unwanted attention.
  • Backup plans
    Everyone needs a plan B. Not every army barracks/shopping centre roof/attic is completely safe from the groaning undead horde and neither should your new Estate Agent website. Our web designers give each Estate Agent a selection of visuals so that they don’t put all their eggs in one basket.
  • Don’t rush in
    Patience is a virtue and a rushed job is screaming, or groaning, with mistakes. For the survival against either the undead or the world of web design, a single mistake will be one of the costly things you will ever come across.
  • Fear to move on
    Just because one house (or website) is safe at the moment, it doesn’t mean that situation won`t change (or become out-dated). Always keep an eye out for the environment and you will know when the time is right to move on.

James Coyne eMarketing and Social Media Consultant