What can Estate Agents get their boss?

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What can Estate Agents get their boss?

Getting a present for your boss is hard. Buy an overly generous gift and your other colleagues may think that you’re brown-nosing, whilst your boss may think he’s paying you too much. Whereas buying a cheap gift might seem that you don’t care enough and might make you look, well… cheap.

The gift buying skill is a tricky and meticulous process. Luckily for you Resource Techniques is on hand to provide some ideas for Estate Agents considering buying their boss a gift.


You can’t go wrong with cufflinks especially when every Estate Agent (or at least the majority of Estate Agents) wears some sort of smart attire.

After a bit of online surfing we found a few cufflinks suitable, but in the end it was impossible to choose from these two ‘Trust me I’m an Estate Agent’ and ‘For Sale and Sold’ cufflinks.

Both appeal to a very different boss and we’ll leave it up to you to choose which one applies to your boss…

The cufflinks can be acquired from Amazon for a reasonable price of £9.95.



Leaving aside the countless monopoly games that we’ve all endured at Christmas, we would like to present Estate Agents with Propertunity.

Combining gazumping, cunning, bank loans and hard cash, different types of properties and price of properties and tax, there is no doubt that Propertunity is the real game for Estate Agents.

This game is for 2 – 6 players and states that play is just over an hour. Priced at £19.95 on Amazon.


Poster of approval

Posters are usually paper, right? Well this poster has bucked the trend and is lightweight aluminium. Yes that’s right, this poster is metal!

It means that this poster can sit inside or can be placed outside for all to see – even if it rains.

Expecting it to be expensive? Amazingly it’s priced at £5.99. Bargain.

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The face of arrogance

 For Estate Agents, this is possibly the best clock that has ever been made.

With 10 inches and a self-assured message, this clock is perfect for those bosses that outwardly confident in their abilities.

It is also well priced at £11.50 on cafepress.co.uk.


What a mug

With our previous love of mugs, it is impossible for us to publish a ‘What to get your boss’ article without including a mug with a pun.

Dishwasher and microwave safe, there’s not much to say about this mug apart from the fact that microwaving tea should be regarded as a sin.

Also priced at £11.50, I’m sure Estate Agents might be able to find something a bit cheaper…