What are Google’s ranking factors when it comes to local

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What are Google’s ranking factors when it comes to local

Struggling to get to and stay at the top of Google’s search engine results? Google’s local search has always been difficult with its forever evolving algorithm so it is no surprise that Google have recently changed how it returns its search results.

Over the past year, it has incorporated the organic algorithm with Google Places/Local so knowing and understanding the factors that influence the Places/Local results can help you achieve high rankings overall.  

5 key factors of Google Places:

1. Have a physical address

Local search is aimed at local businesses, if you don’t have a physical address you won’t be classed as a local business.

2. Proximity of physical address

Google search results will start from the centre of the listed town or city. Your location obviously plays into the display of the search results. The closer you are to the centre of the town searched the more likely you are to rank highly.

3. List correct business category

There are a huge number of categories available so it is crucial that you select the correct one for your business. Correct category selection will help Google return your business for the phrase queried.

4. Have lots of good testimonials and reviews

This factor has been around since the beginning of local search but still carries a lot of weight when it comes to ranking highly. The more people comment on your business the higher you will rank regardless whether it is positive or negative feedback, however from a users perspective positive feedback is a must.

5. The domain name quality

Your page is ranked on many factors just like your website and many of these factors are the same. For example: how long the page has been registered, links to the page and content within the page. You should treat your places page just like your website.


These five factors will help you increase your rankings within Google but keep in mind that your results won’t change overnight. SEO for Estate Agents is a long term process so be patient and keep working to improve your Google results.

By Luke Stanley
SEO Consultant