Websites for Estate Agents: Get the basic right

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Websites for Estate Agents: Get the basic right

When reviewing Estate Agency websites it’s amazing to see the shocking number of websites that don’t fulfil their basic functions and that isn’t even considering aesthetics. Many websites are simply missing standard pages and functions that users expect to find on a modern website.

So what are the basic requirements that many estate agents leave off their website?

1) A detailed “About Us” page

People like to know about the company before they consider doing business with them. An “about us” page helps the potential customer begin to trust you as well as help them see what sort of experience you have. In a way this page should sort of be like a CV for your company.

2) Maps

As an estate agent you need to be easy to find and an embedded map is the easiest way for a potential client to find your offices. Static maps are very outdated, with products like Google Maps it is easy to incorporate an embedded map which allows you to scroll, zoom in and out and print off maps.

Google’s Streetview is also a great tool allowing people to view your office before they go there; this really helps first time visitors.

3) A clear mobile website

Around 75% of small businesses don’t have a mobile version of their website, a staggering figure considering on average 40% of estate agents web traffic comes from mobile devices.

4) Testimonials page

People like to know what experiences other clients have had with your business. A great way to do this is through honest testimonial pages.

5) Be informative

You need to make sure your website is clear and informative, telling the users all the services you provide. Your site needs to clearly list every service your business has to offer in detail.

Don’t miss out on potential business by overlooking certain services.

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