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Websites for Estate Agents


Estate Agent websites are in grave danger of transforming their visitors into wandering nomads. With no real purpose, buyers and vendors will simply meander aimlessly without a homeland in which they can rest.

Therefore you have to ensure that your Estate Agent website has signposts, hints and clues that guide each visitor along the path that you want them to tread – like an invisible virtual tour guide.

The first page that they’re likely to land on is the homepage. The homepage is where you’ll greet new visitors, establish your brand and then set up your first clear signpost.

Sure, featured properties might take their eye or they might directly move to the contact us page to acquire your phone number, but the real call to action is the Property Search button. This is where you want every new ‘nomad’ to feel an overwhelming compulsion to set up their next camp.

Once they have searched for relevant properties on your Estate Agent website homepage, you have won half the battle. They are on your website and have narrowed down to the properties it is then up to the scenery of high resolution pictures, downloadable property particulars and other features that give the buyer a colourful picture of that picturesque property.

Their last desired resting place is picking up that phone and giving you a call. This can be from either the individual property page or a contact us page, either way they’ve liked a property so much that the digital nomad comes to their final resting place on your Estate Agent website.

James Coyne eMarketing and Social Media Consultant