Website mistakes that will pull your traffic down

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Website mistakes that will pull your traffic down

Many website owners may find themselves confused or deflated by the lack of traffic their website is bringing in especially when they’ve been working hard to achieve high rankings within the search engines and promoting themselves frequently on social networks but what could be causing the websites downfall?

Here are 3 website mistakes that could be causing you problems:

1. Complicated design

You may be up-to-date with the latest technologies and features on your website but it may not be giving you the benefits you were hoping for.

Some technology updates are vital but overloading your website with all the new features and fads will just confuse your viewers.

It will also slow down your website, which goes against how people use the web. If your site doesn’t commence fast you are likely to lose your potential clients. Unnecessary use of complex web design technologies may make your website look fancy and modern but does come with a knockback.

The favoured website these days is something simple and professional.

2. Neglecting testimonials

Users like to see other people’s experiences with your estate agency. Websites with testimonials and reviews will do better than one without. People use testimonials as a decision maker to help them make the choice of who to use.

3. Not being compatible with different platforms

These days a huge amount of your traffic will be coming from mobile and tablets, meaning if your website doesn’t adjust to the different screen resolutions, users may go elsewhere for an easier service.

Your website needs to be compatible with any of the devices your potential clients may be using.

For example:

Your mobile website needs to be:

  • Quick
  • Have simple navigation
  • Readable without pinch and zoom
  • And have correct redirects in place

Just be sure to keep your website simple with clear navigation and your website will be successful.

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