Website essentials for online marketing

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Website essentials for online marketing

Web design has changed dramatically over the last few years due to the impact of customers who are increasingly using their mobile devices to stay connected online.

It is essential you meet up to the new standard of web design and reach your audience where they are. Here are the essential web design features all estate agency websites need to have:

1) Responsive web design

In 2015 this is a must have. Responsive websites will adjust in size to accommodate the devices screen that your visitor is using. This new type of web design is more complex than a traditional website but it is definitely worth the investment.

2) Dynamic homepage

You need to engage with your audience almost instantly with striking graphics and great call-to-actions.

3) Embedded blog

You need to be able to update your content regularly in the form of blogs and news presses to entice and captivate your audience. Blogs will help you drive traffic, improve your SEO and expand your reach. Having a quick and easy function to enable you to create and upload content quickly is vital these days.

4) Social media integration

Social media is huge and your social profile needs to be visible on your website. This may include share and follow buttons, likes for properties, etc.

5) Future proof web design

Many web platforms become outdated over time or need constant upgrading by a web design professional. You need a web platform that will automatically be updated by your web design agency. The platform should be flexible and robust to ensure future changes to your website won’t result in it needing to be built from scratch.

As you start to develop and grow your website, you should consider your online marketing objectives and see how you can incorporate these web features to maximise your reach and exposure to your audience. A well planned and designed estate agency website will not only help you to reach more potential customers but should be able to adjust easily to the market changes. 

Luke Stanley