Website design of the week - Robert Williams Estate Agents in Exeter

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Website design of the week - Robert Williams Estate Agents in Exeter

Estate Agent website designs are now going to be celebrated on a weekly basis. The decision, made by website designers, came about so that truly beautiful websites can be celebrated in all their pixelated glory.

This week the designers are looking at Robert Williams Estate Agent in Exeter. Robert Williams have been selling property for over ten years and pride themselves on being professional, enthusiastic and passionate for property in Exeter.

The first thing that strikes everyone when visiting this Estate Agent website is the remarkable animation, starting off with a shining blueprint, saturating with colour and then morphing into a prominent and exceptional image.

Next noticeable website design is that it does not conform to the status quo. The lines are not straight and squared, but curved and easy on the eye. Combining this with a calming blue means that property searchers are instantly relaxed, which many might deem a rarity when searching for property.

They have a large portfolio with beautiful properties and impressive features including embedded Google Mapping, Google Street view, email alerts, printable property particulars and many more. Each property also has high resolution photography that opens up in its own viewer without leaving the page.

Troy Stanley, Resource Techniques CTO comments, 'The calming feel is arguably one of the best tools in a web designer’s arsenal. It means that people searching for property in Exeter will spend longer on the website and visit more properties.'