Website Design mistakes that'll make your business quake

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Website Design mistakes that'll make your business quake

Website design mistakes could be the difference between getting that much needed business and watching another boost in your website bounce rate - which is something that all Estate Agents should try to understand.

So what can these horrendous crimes against web design be? The Estate Agent website designers at Resource Techniques have created their list of the top 10 worst mistakes Estate Agents can have on their website.

1. Online listings - Estate Agent websites have moved on from the 1990s and are no longer just lists of properties that are available for sale and let.

2. Loading - Internet users and property searchers are very impatient. Actually scratch that, internet users are extremely impatient. They will not want to wait while your website loads just so that they can view properties. Within seconds they will have pressed that dreaded back button and away from your business.

3. Flash Aha - Flash can be very pretty but it is only one tool in a designer's design tool-box. It can also slow down the speed of your Estate Agent website, which is very possibly one of the future factors that search engines will take into consideration.

4. Navigate! Navigate! - It is a fact that 98% of property searchers will click on the property search button when accessing a website. A clear navigation and property search button will support the online property searcher's needs.

5. Music for the Masses - Many have made this mistake and many have failed to choose the right piece of music - because there is no right piece of music to go with a website, its only function will be to annoy people who access it.

6. Where are all the properties? - Simple logic here: if the website is unclear and overly complicated people will not want to use it whereas 'Calls to Action' will urge the user to click, therefore helping the property searching process.

7. Picture perfect - Why on earth would an Estate Agent, whose job it is to market properties, decide that their website only include small pictures? Helping people visualise the property of their dreams by using high resolution pictures can certainly increase the chance that they will contact you for a viewing.

8. Pop-ups aren’t pop-ular - Pop-ups are part of the old way that people use the internet and many browsers now also have high-tech pop-up blockers. Estate Agent websites with any features that open in pop-ups will frustrate and confused people who are using it. The best way to provide features? Either by embedding them into the design of your website or within a viewer.

9. Not being up to date - Google Street view now covers 96% of the UK and can be easily placed on your website. Having the latest features are impressive and is clearly an easy selling point for vendors.

10. Hiding Social networking buttons - Social networking buttons are there to be social. Proudly display them on your front page for all to see and click.