Website design mistakes for Estate Agents

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Website design mistakes for Estate Agents


Estate Agent Web design mistakes have been extensively covered by Resource Techniques, with articles including ‘annoying website designs’ and ‘web design mistakes that’ll make your business quake’ – this doesn’t stop the design team at Resource Techniques doing our best to make sure this message hits home with Estate Agents

Like anything thing in this world, Estate Agent website designs are subject to a whole range of mistakes. Each mistake causes cataclysmic damage to the branding of your web design – so let’s try to avoid them, shall we?

Resource Techniques has compiled a list of the most common mistakes that occur on an Estate Agent’s website. Each of them is common sense and easily changeable, all Estate Agents have to do is talk to their web designer!

    • Call to action

Calls to action are important for every single website. Estate Agent websites need them so that the property search can be guided towards property that property searchers want to see. Therefore ‘property search’ is clearly the most obvious choice to integrate into every design.

    • Using pop-ups

Pop-ups are horrible and are associated with spam. Modern day internet users are aware that the internet can be a dangerous playground where sensitive data can be stolen and bank details can be exploited.

    • Grammatical errors

Many of these stand out like a sore thumb on an Estate Agent’s web design. Rechecking any written online content not only ruins the professional image of your Estate Agent website, but depending on how bad the spelling mistake is and the frequency of the mistake, a spelling mistake can affect your SEO.

    • Navigation

We’ve all come across overbearing navigation with an almost endless list of options. Cut these down to size and realise that most people visiting an Estate Agent website only really want to see what properties that are relevant to them. A clear property search button will work wonders.

    • Way too flashy

Do not be fooled by web designers trying to sell Estate Agent websites made entirely of flash. They can make an Estate Agent website pretty and ‘cool’ but they can easily struggle to compete in search engines. For more information see ‘Bad SEO ideas for Estate Agents’ and read point 6.

    • Colour scheme

Web design is subjective, there’s no denying that, but there are certain colour schemes that just make everyone cringe. For some fantastic colour web designs for Estate Agents and a little bit of knowledge read out article on ‘Colour theory’.

    • Featured properties

Shockingly the free web review team at Resource Techniques has come across Estate Agent web designs without any featured properties.

    • Property search

Missing out a property search on an Estate Agent’s web design is very possibly one of the worst mistakes an Estate Agent website can do in terms of functionality. There are still websites out there that only list properties and expect users to scroll through – if the property portals have this simple functionality, why shouldn’t you?