Website design for Estate Agents is not rocket science

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Website design for Estate Agents is not rocket science

Resource Techniques - SEO It's not rocket scienceSome Website design companies will try to fool Estate Agents into believing that web design is a mystical art, handed down from ancient designers that have dedicated their lives to never seeing the sun. Websites and web design is their life and only they hold the secret knowledge of website design for Estate Agents.

Although there are many pieces of industry information that only dedicated web designers will know, some Estate Agents still acquire websites that are below even the most basic benchmark and contain hideous errors that do not help property searchers.

So what are the basic fundamentals that Estate Agents need to insist upon for their Estate Agent website design?

1. A clear and prominent property search - The majority of people accessing your website will want to look at property, why not help them out and show exactly where they can find what they want.

2. No pop-ups - Outdated and annoying. Pop-ups only serve the purpose of frustrating your potential customers and making them lost.

3. High resolution photos - No property searcher likes to see small grainy photos that give little impression of the property that they might want to buy.

4. Clear contact details - Hiding your contact details is not going to help anyone.

5. The latest technology - This includes embedded Google Maps, Google Street View and an image viewer that isn't a pop-up.

6. Not hosting your own properties on your website - Estate Agents do not be fooled by the way the website is designed, check to see that the properties you are marketing are on your domain name. This is a major boost for your website’s ranking within Google.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments, 'These website design techniques are simple principles that should be used on every single Estate Agent website - without fail.'